Your imagination is our only limitation!

The company

GESTIO custom made constructions was founded in 1996 by Mr.George Karypidis. Its main activity being custom made constructions, advertisement and production of promotional items, GESTIO specialized through the years in the design and construction of all kinds of interior and exterior decorations including all kinds of products for Casinos and Hotels,  and custom made parts relating to the casino floor such as slot machine cabinets, table games, info stands etc.
GESTIO custom made constructions is fully up-to-date with the latest developments in materials, production processes and machinery for the industry. It has a strong network of suppliers and partners.
In 2017 Mr. Alexander Fourlis joined the company and the overall management and scope of the company was reorganized, by undertaking a fresh opening in new markets and products.
The company’s new premises with over 3.300 sq.m. of offices and production space, equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machinery, ensures that we can turn all your ideas and plans into a fully working, money making construction. Your imagination is our only limitation!

Our main Objective

During the years we have created a lot of unique custom made products according to our customers’ special demands, always within the shortest possible deadline. Nowadays, having these benefits at hand, we supply several European countries and through our partners, our products reach overseas markets as well.
In order to keep-up with our demanding clients’ special individual requests we use 3D/CAD programs for the design of the products and since we are equipped with high-tech laser-cutting and bending machines, we successfully undertake the manufacturing of diverse metallic spare parts of any scale, small, large or huge.
Our production range includes custom made indoor and outdoor constructions, indoor and outdoor commercial signs ( progressive, denomination, directions, bank, info, digital, etc.), all types of gaming and casino signs, pylons and signboards, 3D and illuminated letters, drop boxes, spacers, side covers and much more and work with stainless steel (inox), galvanized steel, decape steel, aluminum, expanded polysterine (EPS),  etalbond, wood, melamine,  MDF, acrylic, plexiglas, PPR, polyamide, teflon, polypropylene, PVC, ABS, polycarbonate, etc.

Three factors of success

Our documentation and procedures are based on ISO and/or EU/CE certificates. Our comprehensive and detailed quality plan is followed and regularly reviewed to ensure that the highest possible quality standards are maintained. We have a quality manual with documented procedures and our quality policy is that we are committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.
We strive to provide production services with the lowest tooling prices within the fastest tooling timescales and in order to make it as easy as possible for our customers to have complete solutions; we work in collaboration with them and under their full observation.
By utilizing our specialist knowledge, we supply a diverse range of components, sub-assembled or fully assembled products, saving our customers time, money and frustration.
We provide low-cost tooling, but within our pricing, we provide so much more in terms of service, solution knowledge and customer satisfaction.
All the above ensures that our objective of complete customer satisfaction is achieved both in terms of quality product, build, cost and delivery.


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